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BirdNerd App
  • The application can identify a bird by voice using the microphone on the mobile device.

  • Noiseproof recognition for nature and cities (resistant to wind, cars, water streams).

  • The app identifies multiple individual species even in a chorus.

  • It identifies birds by songs, calls and other specific sounds like chick signals.

Binoculars and Bird Guide, Birdwatching


of the most common European species are available for identification

Young man recording nature sounds outsid

Currently available only in Europe.


Siberian and North American species are being added.

Want to try?

Download from Google Play:


The solution is based on a neural network trained on sound records.

The neural net uses this data to seek for hidden patterns in bird's signals.
The more records we have, the better answers you get from the app.

The neural network works on a server where the app sends it to. You will need access to the Internet to work the app.

 young man traveler He is using mobile p
About the project

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